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A Spanish Teachers Top 10 Kpop groups (Male)

So today I wanted to write about my top 10 favorite KPOP male groups. Quick background, I got into Kpop about 3 1/2 years ago and I got hooked from watching Kdramas, (or Korean Drama shows). So if you're a Kpop fan, a casual listener, or maybe you've never even listened to Kpop, this list is just to introduce my favorites. Maybe you'll be persuaded to give some of these groups a listen. Okay, let's get started.

 Now this list is going to be going from 10 to 1. I love all these groups and think they are all amazing but the number one spot is going to be reserved from my ultimate bias group. I will write a bit about why I put these groups on my list.

10. Pentagon
Image result for pentagon kpop

I don't know why it took me so long to start stanning Pentagon, but they definitely deserve more love and recognition. They have some great songs. 

9. Monsta X
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Monsta X is a group I just recently started listening to and I have to say they really are an amazing group.

8. Seventeen
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Seventeen is one of those groups that have many members that all have so serious talent and dedication. One of my favorite Kpop dance videos is from Seventeens performance unit. If you want to check it out click the link to watch. It's really mesmerizing. 

7. BigBang

BigBang is another group I started listening to at the beginning of my journey to being a Kpop fan. I had their song Bang, Bang, Bang, was on repeat for literally weeks. 
Image result for bigbang
6. Super Junior
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Super Junior is a kpop group that has really grown on me over the past few years. Considered a part of the "older" generation, this group shows that you can stay strong and still make good music years after debuting. They are still making great music, even with many members in the military. Being a Spanish teacher, I also love that they collaborate with Spanish speaking artist. Check out their song Lo Siento. It's amazing. 

Image result for ikon
Another great band that makes really great music. I find that many of their songs really just speak to me in different moments and I can really connect with the feelings portrayed in their songs. Kudos to the group for being able to display such raw emotion in their music. Some of my favorite songs are Love Scenario, and Goodbye Road.

4. Day 6
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(Photo from JYP website.)

I recently started stanning this group, and they have quickly rose to the top of my list. I love their musical style and I think the members are so incredibly talented. 

3. NCT (includes all subunits)
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NCT is a group that is split into many different sub-units. It can be confusing to new kpop listeners, but no matter what sub-unit is active or putting out music, they all bring hits to the table and that's why they snag the number 3 spot.

If you want to try listening to some of their songs here are some suggestions including different subunits: The 7th Sense (NCT U), Cherry Bomb (NCT 127), Limitless(NCT 127), Boss(NCT U), Baby Don't Stop (NCT U), We go up (NCT Dream).
2. Got7 and BTS 
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Image result for bts

I know technically kinda cheating by choosing two different groups for the number two spot, but they really are very dear groups to me. When I first got into Kpop these two groups were the groups I started out with and I really love all the members and wish success to both groups. 

I seriously have so many favorite songs from these two groups, I would have to do a whole separate post to list them all. If you are new to Kpop, I will suggest a few that could possibly get you hooked. 

Got7 - Teenager, Lullaby, Eclipse, Just Right, Miracle, Stop Stop it, etc.
BTS - Dope, Mike Drop, house of cards, The truth untold, Boy with Luv, etc.

1. EXO (including sub-unit EXO-CBX)
Image result for exo

I love EXO. This is the first group I started listening to when I got into Kpop. I spent so much time memorizing each member, watching Exo live, and listening to their music. I think they have a great range of music and every thing they put out, I love. Additionally, I love EXO-CBX and any solo music from the members. I just support them as much as I can because I think they rock! Plus, my ultimate bias in Kpop, D.O. is apart of the group. (P.S. I'm so sad he's going to be enlisting soon but I wish him the best!)

Again, I have so many favorite songs from Exo I would need to make a whole separate post. They just make so many great songs it's hard to choose. So I will just list a few that pop to mind, if you're new to kpop you can check these out.

Songs- Love Shot, Sing for you, Tempo, Ko Ko Bop, Growl, Call me baby, Diamond, Sweet Lies, Playboy, The Eve, etc. (I could go on and on. :) )
EXO-CBX - Thursday, Monday Blues, etc.

Solo stuff from EXO members:

Lay - Honey, Lose Control, What u need?

Chen - whole album April and Flower is golden!

D.O. - tell me

Chanyeol - Stay with me (with Punch and this song is on an ost)

Okay, that's my final list. Hope this was entertaining or helpful. Do you agree with my list? What would your top 10 Kpop groups be? Comment below!

(Any photos used here are not my photos. Credit to original owners)


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