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I recently purchased this palette from Juvia's Place, a beauty line that has face produces, eye products, and so much more. I have been eyeing this brand for quite some time and finally I purchased this eye-shadow palette and the foundation. I'm only reviewing the eye shadow right now and I might post about the foundation later.

So this is the palette I'm talking about.

This is the inside. There are 9 shades. It includes 3 matte shades, some metallic shades, and some duo chrome shades. They are very pigmented. The color pay off is amazing and they are blend-able and creamy. Some highlights in my opinion for this palette is the fact that all the colors are so unique of and in themselves but can also be paired together seamlessly.

Below are swatches of each color.

The colors are very nice. The last orangey color at the end got put on my palm a bit because I ran out of arm space so it looks a bit creased but it is a very nice color in person. If you are thinking of buying this palette, I would definitely recommend it and I think this is a great palette to have in any collection. The colors are bright and bold.

Now, how can this be worn on the eye? I put together some looks below. I personally like wearing different makeup looks to work, out on the town, or out at night. Some days I will do a full face, some days just the eyes, and some days I'm completely bare faced. It truly just depends on how I'm feeling that day. If you have felt reservations about wearing bolder looks to work, there are ways to tune down these bold colors for the work place.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a beauty guru or an expert on makeup. I am very much an amateur when it comes to makeup but I do love playing with makeup, coming up with looks, and experimenting with makeup. I think makeup is very much another form of art.

I did two different looks, one on the left eye and one on the right eye. The blue look is using colors Berber, Chefchaouen, Taza, and Zohra. I started with a transition shade from another palette. Any transition shade that you like can work. Then from the palette I started with the color Taza in the crease and the outer corner. Blend that out. Then I added the color Zohra in the outer corner on top of Taza to darken up the outer color and under the crease to add dimension. Next I took a concealer and placed that on about half the lid. I add the darker blue, Berber, blended it out. Keep blending the colors to erase any harsh lines. In the inner corner I used Chefchaouen to brighten the inner corner.
The golden eye look uses the colors Fez, Marrakesh, and Aziza. This look is pretty simple. I used Fez in the crease and blended out a bit above the crease. I then used Marrakesh a pretty orange metallic color. I used Aziza in the inner corner. On both eyes I have the Voluminous Lash Paradise mascara, ( one coat).

Okay, so that's it for this palette review. Overall, it is very nice and I would recommend it. Plus it is affordable. On some sites it can be a low as $14 and on other sites it is $20.

If you want to buy this palette you can order it from the site here. Comment down below what you think of this palette.

Thanks until later!


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