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Review Shopmissa

Shopmissa is a store that sells makeup, makeup tools, and a variety of accessories for very cheap. The majority of the items on shopmissa are 1 dollar, while some items are a 1.55 because they donate part of that to worthy causes. Additionally, they have some eyeshadow palettes that are 5-10 dollars, basically a dollar for each individual eyeshadow and a dollar for the palette carton itself.

My Experience:

I first ordered from Shopmissa around a year ago. I ordered some liquid lipsticks, two concealers, some makeup sponges, some foundations, and a few individual eyeshadows. The majority of these products are great considering the price and I got use of these products over the year.

Recently, I decided to order from Shopmissa again. The fun of ordering from this site is you can get a lot from very cheap, and when you get the package it's like opening a Christmas package and seeing everything you got. (Sidenote: The packages are very well packaged with bubble wrap, paper, etc. to keep your items safe on the trip). 

This time around I decided to buy some highlights, blushes, lipsticks, another makeup sponge, some eyelashes, a lip scrub, and makeup brushes.

Recent Purchase Review:

Eyelashes - $5.55: I purchased a six-pack of eyelashes in the style Luella. They look really nice. I haven't had a chance to wear these yet but I will update when I do. Looking at them they look fine. Plus you get six pairs for under six dollars.

Velour Highlighter and Lumi Radiant Blush - Both AOA brand and cost - $1:
The Velour Highlighter is very radiant. It works well as a highlighter. The thing to consider is that it does have specks of glitter in it. So if you don't like glitter in your highlighter and like it more refined or just a glow, skip this one. Otherwise it is nice, just lots of glitter which can be a downside based on  your views on glitter.
Velour Highlighter on the right, the Radiant blush on the left.
The radiant blush is very nice too. It is a sort of blush and highlight blend. To me it leans more on the side of a highlight which I wanted more of a blush, but it looks beautiful on the skin.

AOA Hush Cream Sheer Blush - $1: This blush is very nice. I like it a lot on the cheeks to give a nice blush and it can be sheer or you can build it up. It is a cream blush so this one works well for me because I have dry / combination skin. I apply this with my fingers or with a beauty blender.

S.h.e makeup Lip Scrub in Honey Almond - $1:
I really love this lip scrub. I think this is one of the best items I got from Shopmissa because I have had trouble trying to find a lip scrub that is gently enough but all really gets rid of dead skin and leaves the lips feeling smooth. This one does. I would definitely recommend it.

AOA studio Wonder lipstick in the shade Pumpkin - $1: Fairly nice lipstick. Nice color. Only complaint is I was hoping with the name Pumpkin it would be more orangey colored, but it looks fairly pink to me.

Amuse lipstick in shade Sunset - $1: This one is another nice one. I really like the lipstick bullet on this one. The color is nice as well. Goes on somewhat smooth. Does seem to need to be built up a bit.

Brushes: I got a set of brushes plus a few individual ones. My favorite is the big fluffy brush which is called AOA studio F12. It love this brush to apply setting powder to my face.

Well, hopefully this review was helpful. Overall, my experience with Shopmissa is a positive one. The products are nice for what you get. They are all cheap and do what they are suppose to do. If you want makeup on a budget this is a great option. Some of this stuck works better that more expensive makeup, it just depends on what you get.



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