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Anti-Haul - Makeup!

Today I'm going to be doing an anti-haul on makeup that I don't need. Some of these items I really want but others are things that I just really don't think I need.

What is an anti-haul?

An anti-haul is where you look at makeup releases or really any new items, and talking yourself out of buying those items. I got this idea from some youtubers that I watch regularly. This is not my original idea. The youtubers I got this from include Abby Williamson, RawBeautyKristi, Alexis Brianna, Jackie Aina, and Julia Mazzucato are some of the few I've seen and like watching their anti-hauls and they originally got the idea from another youtube whose name I can't recall, but all credit originally goes to her. If I find her name, or if  you you know comment below and I'll edit this post and credit the original creator but for now let's get into my list.

1. Morphe x Jeffree Star palette
Image result for morphe x jeffree star

I just don't think I need this palette. I feel I have some of the shades already and plus this palette is huge and I think storing it in my personal collection would be awkward. Also the color story is just not particularly calling out to me. Additionally, I don't own anything Jeffree Star and I don't feel the need to buy this. Personally, I would rather spend my money on other products or other collabs.

2. Colourpop peach palette
Image result for colourpop peach palette

In theory, I love Colourpops monochromatic palettes. They are awesome and I already own three of them. (Oh la la , blue moon, and it's my pleasure) This palette looks really nice and I was almost tempted to buy but honestly, it's a little boring with the colors. I think many of the shades can be duped and I like it but the palette is just not necessary for me at this moment. Besides, it is also sold out at this moment on Colourpops website. In my opinion, some of their other monochromatic palettes are just a lot more interesing.

3.  ABH Norvina Vol. 1
Image result for abh norvina palette
This ABH Norvina palette looks really nice as well and I've seen some great reviews on this one but again, this huge palette does not have a place in my collection right now. I love the colors and from the reviews I've watched the shadows seem to perform great but I just don't need this at moment. Also I love finding makeup deals, drugstore products that perform like high-end, and good dupes. This is 60-65 dollars and I just can't find it in me right now to drop 60-65 dollars on an eyeshadow palette. The most I've spent on a palette so far is 40 dollars and that's about as high as I'm willing to go for now. I'm a teacher, and ya girl gotta stay in budget, ok!

4. Colourpop rainbow palette - She's a rainbow

Image result for colourpop rainbow palette
Another entry from Colourpop. Again the colors are beautiful but I don't think it's necessary for me right now. Pass1

Okay, that's it for now. If I see more items to anti-haul I will add them or post again to update on things I want to anti-haul. Talk to ya latter!

Please feel free to strike up a conversation below on items you are anti-hauling.



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