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Luxury Makeup - How to start your collection of Luxury Makeup

Hey all!

Today I wanted to come on here and list a few tips for those who want to start building a collection  of luxury makeup. First, what is luxury makeup? Luxury makeup might be different to different people, but overall, luxury makeup is makeup that is marketed and has the feel of luxury. Luxury makeup might be connected to a luxury brand, for example, Tom Ford or Marc Jacobs, which are luxury clothing brands that also have beauty lines. Still, not all luxury makeup brands are connected to luxury clothing lines. Take for example brands like Pat Mcgrath Labs and Natasha Denona. These two brands were started by world renowned makeup artist who have long standing reputations within the makeup industry. Their brands are luxury because of the marketing, price range, and because they are connected to their names.

So now that we have a basis, a loose definition of what a luxury brand is, let's talk about how to start a luxury makeup collections. These are just my tips, my opinion, and how I've started my small collection that I have currently.

1. If you are working within a budget and can't afford certain items, wait for a sale.

Most of the luxury eye-shadow palettes I've collected so far are palettes I got from a sale. For example, I got two Tom Ford eye shadow quads from two different sites that had them discounted. So instead of paying the full 88 dollars from Tom Ford, I found other sites that had the palettes with a percentage off. Same with the other palettes I've bought recently from several brands, including Pat Mcgrath, Charlotte Tilbury, and Marc Jacobs.

Tom Ford -Soleil et Lune

Pat Mcgrath Labs - Mothership V

2. Buy mini versions. Some luxury brands will have mini palettes or mini makeup products which are sold with a lower price tag. Use this as a chance to try the brand out before committing to the regular size. For instance, I have two mini palettes from Natasha Denona, whose full size palettes go for 129 dollars. The mini palettes can be bought for 25 dollars.

Natasha Denona - Mini Retro Palette

Charlotte Tilbury - Green Lights

3. Purchase bundle deals. Sometimes makeup brands will have bundle deals where you can get several products for a lower price than buying the items individually. So wait for those bundle deals to get some luxury products.

These are most of my tips for now. I'll add on if I find other tips to starting a luxury makeup collection. Below I've listed some luxury makeup brands to try.

Natasha Denona
Marc Jacobs beauty
Tom Ford beauty
Charlotte Tilbury
Pat Mcgrath Labs
YSL beauty
Dior makeup
Chanel cosmetics

If you want to know more about some specific products watch my Youtube video about how to build your luxury eyeshadow collection. Click the video below to watch on Youtube, or watch on this screen.

Thanks xoxo!


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