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Cream Blushes - recommendations and thoughts!

Hello Guys!

How are you doing!

Today I want to talk about some cream blushes. I love cream blush, it has become one of my favorite beauty products to use, along with eyeshadow and lipsticks! In this post I'm going to talk about how I apply cream blush, the benefits of using cream blush, and lastly I will recommend some great cream blush. 

You can also check out my ranking of all my cream blushes on my youtube channel which I will link here and at the end of this post.

1. How I apply cream blush
I will usually apply cream blush using my fingers, a stippling brush, or with a beauty sponge. I apply my cream blush in the same area I would apply powder blush, so I recommend you apply the blush as you usually would. You should remember that blush is a way to sculpt the face how you want. If you want your face to appear more round for example, apply to the apples of the cheeks. If you want to have a more chiseled look apply near and a little above where you'd apply bronzer and sweep the blush back towards the temples. 

2. Benefits of choosing a cream blush over powder blush
Personally I love cream and powder blushes. I love blush in general, but cream blush does have a special place in my life. I love it! So, why get a cream blush? Cream blush I think gives a beautiful glow to the skin. I also believe cream blush is very flattering on most if not all skin types. I have dry skin, but honestly cream blush looks good on combo skin, dry skin, and oily skin. Also cream blush is very easy to apply and if you mess up, it's usually very easy to fix depending on the formula. 

3. Recommendations
I have so many cream blushes but I'll name some of my favorites here in no particular order. 

a. AOA cream blushes (from shopmiss a)
These dollar blushes are some of my favorites. They are an amazing formula and they have a wide variety of colors. I would 100% recommend. 

AOA Hush Cream Blush - Cupid – Shop Miss A

b. Tower 28 blush (from Tower 28. I own shade golden hour)
These are so cream and wonderful. I own the shade golden hour and it's so incredibly beautiful on the face. 
BeachPlease Tinted Balm for Lips + Cheeks | Tower 28 Beauty Golden Hour

c. Kosas Color and light cream duos (from brand kosas)
These amazing cream products come in duos and have a cream and a highlighter. They are so pretty and I love the blush and highlighter. These are a the most expensive in my recommendations, but are totally worth it. 

d. Undone beauty Lip to cheek 3-in-1 palette
Undone beauty needs more recognition for sure. The cream blush from this brand is amazing and I love to wear the shade rosewood. 

UNDONE BEAUTY Lip to Cheek 3-in-1 Cream Tint - Rosy - 0.12oz

Thanks! I'll see you later in another post! 


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