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Defending Jacob | New 2020 Apple TV show - My thoughts and Grade rating

Defending Jacob (TV Mini-Series 2020) - IMDb
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Defending Jacob is a 2020 crime drama staring Chris Evans, Jaeden Martell, Michelle Dockery, and Cherry Jones. The show is based on a book by the same name by author William Landay. The 2020 show is directed by Morten Tyldan and tells the tale of a crime that shocks a small community when a young 14-year-old boy is found brutally murdered in the woods. The district attorney, played by Chris Evans, is on the case but unexpectedly is found torn between his job to bring justice and his son who gets accused of the murder. 

Basic Info: 
2020 Crime Drama
1 Season - 8 episodes
72% Rotten Tomato Score

My thoughts:

The Good -

Defending Jacob is a very interesting story that will definitely keep you enticed and entertained throughout. The show does a good job of tell the story of a family going through the biggest challenge and different trials, as they work hard to prove their son, Jacob, did not commit this heinous crime of killing his classmate. The show had many good points but I will list just a few here.

~ Great cast and great acting from all involved. Whoever did the casting did an excellent job and the actors portray their different characters perfectly. You could see the emotion in certain scenes and you could feel the pain in this family.

~ The story is a good, solid story. This is a good story to follow and it evokes a lot of emotions and questions. This story is one that entices the view, and the mystery part of the story keeps you guessing and making your own conclusions based on the clues that are sprinkled throughout the episodes. The plot provokes many old age questions and debates on human nature. For example, how are killers made? This shows brings up the debate again of nurture vs. nature, which is basically asking is it natural or genetics that make killers, or is it the environment and surrounding as they grow that births cold-blooded killers. The story also has you think about how far would a parent go for their child? Would you cover a serious crime up if your child was the perpetrator? 

~Lastly, I love the sort of ambiguous ending we have. I won't spoil it, bu I have to say I really liked that by the end we don't really have a clear answer of did Jacob kill Ben o not? (I kind of lean toward he did but still I have doubts, it's not clear). Sometimes an ambiguous ending like the one we got ( and it was a good moment with the mom and Jacob), it can be annoying, but for this show I believe this ending was actually perfect and fit well. (I also read that this ending differs a bit from the book and I actually do enjoy the show ending and I will be reading the book soon to see what differs.)


The Bad - 

~ The only sort of bad/mixed note for this show was the pacing especially towards the end, I think if we'd had 10 episodes we could have had a bit better pacing and could have fleshed out the story more.

Overall grade - A-

I liked this show a lot and I think many people will enjoy this show. So if you haven't seen it, definitely check it out on Apple tv. If you have seen it, leave your thoughts down below on what you think.

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