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Horror movie tag!

Hi guys how’s it going I hope everyone is doing great today I’m coming on here to write about a horror movie tag that I came up with recently basically this is going to be different questions and categories and I’m going to find different horror movies to put into those categories. I also recorded a video on YouTube with this challenge that I will link later but I just wanted to get this up on the blog to share.

Check out video version here —>

Without further ado let’s hop right into this tag if you want to do this please leave your comments in the comment section and tell me what movies would you pick for each question.

1. What is the first horror movie I ever saw?
This question I came up with but I actually don’t have a concrete answer. I have watch horror movies since I was a child and I don’t remember what was the first one I watched if I had to guess I would say Halloween or Child’s play or The Shining. 

2.  What is your favorite horror movie franchise?
My favorite horror movie franchise is definitely A Nightmare on Elm Street. I love that franchise and I love to watch all of the movies (Well almost all of them. Part 6 is pretty bad 🤢)

3. What is your least favorite horror movie franchise?
This question definitely goes to The strangers franchise and The Purge franchise. 

4. What is your favorite horror genre?
My favorite horror genre to watch is definitely slasher horror films but I also like haunting or ghost stories and psychological horror. 

5. What is your least favorite horror genre? 
My least favorite horror genre is home invasion horror movies.

6. What are some hidden gem horror movies?
Some hidden gems include Stir of Echos, The Innocents, and Children of the Corn, all great movies that I think deserves a lot more recognition.

7. What are the best horror or horror adjacent TV shows or series?
I don’t watch a whole lot of scary or horror TV shows but I do have a few that I really enjoy that are maybe horror adjacent. They have some horror elements but they’re not straight horror and these include The Twilight Zone, Goosebumps tv adaption, which is more children’s horror, and also The Servant, a recent show that I really enjoyed.

8. Who is your favorite final girl or final boy?
Of course I can’t follow directions that I picked more than one for this. My two favorite final girls include Erin from You’re Next and Nancy from A Nightmare on Elm Street. My favorite final boy is Ash from the evil dead. 

9. What is the most recent horror movie you’ve seen?
The most recent war movie I’ve seen is the Stepfather three review on you can check it out here —>

10. What is the horror movie with the best special effects?
Many horror movies have great special effects and many have pretty bad special effects but the ones that stand out to me for the best include Hellraised,  Reanimator, Evil Dead 2, and The Thing. 

 OK guys that is all of the questions of the prompt this was super fun to find the answers for these questions and it is also super fun to film I do have a video that you can check out on my YouTube channel just at Erin Hudson thank you guys so much for clicking on this blog have a great day and I’ll see you guys later.


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