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My Favorite Horror Franchise

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So today we are heading back to horror themes for my post today. I'm going to be talking about and ranking my favorite horror franchise ever. I absolutely love.... the Nightmare on Elm street/Freddy horror franchise! Overall, I enjoy watching Nightmare on Elm street and the sequels because I really enjoy Freddy Kreuger. Freddy is my favorite villain because he's scary as hell, but he also delivers with the dark humor and Robert Englund has done an awesome job portraying him for so many years. He has become such an iconic villain and I really think the nightmare franchise is such a unique and smart concept. A serial killer who kills teens in their dreams, It's brilliant and Wes Craven created a masterpiece.

Well, not that we have that out of the way. Now I'm going to rank the films in order. Now obviously every film in a franchise is not going to be great. Some will obviously be better films than others. That holds true for this franchise as well. Although Freddy is one of my favorite slasher villains, some of the films in the franchise are just not that great. Well, we'll get into all that below.

So for my ranking, I'm going to rank the movies worst to best. Let's get started!

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Coming in last...

9. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare
This one just wasn't good. I think they were trying too hard with the story and Freddy turns into a joke here.

8. A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child was another entry to me that just didn't work. It wasn't that entertaining overall and didn't really add much to the franchise.

7. A Nightmare of Elm Street (2010 Remake)
This remake was okay. I think it was cool how they explored more of Freddy's past but overall the story wasn't that great. The acting wasn't that great. I do think Jackie Earle Haley did pretty good with acting and bring Freddy to life but I didn't really like the redesign of Freddy. Overall, a lukewarm, barely there remake that didn't bring much.

6. A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
Dream Master was certainly better that the previous three mentioned but still not the best. Unlike Dream Warriors, it doesn't have the right balance between scary and humor. It's all over the place. I do love the final girl here and I like that she gets the strengths of her friends, and there are some pretty nice kills in this one. Overall it's not the best but it's far from terrible.I actually enjoyed it overall. Could it have been better? Yes, yes it could.

5. Freddy vs. Jason
Freddy vs. Jason is pretty awesome and very enjoyable. I love the epic battle of this movie and I overall enjoy the story. The acting sometimes is a bit wonky but it's not the worst.

4. A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge
Freddy's Revenge is in the middle. I liked that Freddy is still dark and evil in this one. The acting is fairly good and the story is okay, even with all the embedded hidden messages. I think the story could've been better which is why this is a number 4 and I think there could've been more kills in this one as well. Plus that scene where Freddy just jumps into the real world is like, WTF, but also cool in it's own way.
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3. New Nightmare
New Nightmare comes in at number 3 for me because even though technically this is not Freddy but a sort of demon in the form of Freddy, the film is self is great. I love the concept. It's very meta and I enjoy "smart films" as I've stated before in other post. Freddy is dark here and very scary. This film could've been much better if there were a few more kills.

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
Dream Warriors is one of my favorite in the Nightmare franchise and is seriously rivaling the number 1 spot, but I put it at number 2. I really love this movie and I watch it several, several times a year. I like all the characters, the acting is pretty good, and the story is awesome. You actually want to root for the teens but also you get a good amount of awesome kills in this one. Plus the one-liners from Freddy are great here. We get some funny but we get scary also.

1. A Nightmare on Elm Street
And the number one spot is reserved for the original A Nightmare of Elm Street that started it all. I love this movie. I can't praise it enough. Freddy is scary here. He also has some great one liners. Nancy is the epic final girl that fights and sets all these traps. It's just a great movie that watch probably to much. Who am I kidding? You can never have too much of Freddy.
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Well, that is my ranking of the Franchise. Would you agree or disagree?

If you want to see my favorite horror movies click the link below.


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